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Q: I downloaded and installed Bufkit successfully, but all I can see are the example profiles. How do I view current forecasts?
A: Many NWS offices and the Penn State Met Department post Bufkit profiles on their webpages. Go to the website listed here:

NWS Learning Center:

Q: Do I have to use the NWS Commerce Learning Center to get credit for a course?
A: Yes, generally you must take courses through the learning center in order to get completion credit.

Q: How do I check my personal transcript in the NWS Learning Center?
A: Login to the learning center, click on the "My Transcript / Training in Progress" image.

Q: How does the NWS Commerce Learning Center keep track of course completions if you complete modules and training sessions via a different website?
A: Generally, the learning center will only mark you complete if you take a test through the learning center. If you view the material on a different website, log into the course on the learning center, and complete the survey and test. The survey is not "required" but we value your feedback so we can improve our materials!

Q: Where is the NWS Commerce Learning Center?
A: The learning center is available at We also have a link on all FDTB webpages. Look for "NWS Commerce Learning Center" at the top of the left-hand menu under "Training Access". is the U.S. Government's official Web portal to all Federal, state and local government Web resources and services.

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